Monday, November 7, 2011


Jacket - H&M.   Scarf - Camden Market.   Tee - Stolen from a friend.   Shorts - Hollister
Watch - Primark.   Stone bracelet  - Lola Rose.   Clear and black bangles - M&S.   Ring - ASOS

Well apparently winter has well and truly arrived, it was all frosty this morning and a definite shock to the system (read: I probably need an actual jacket). Ironically I've literally JUST finished working on a clients Christmas cards and could really have done with the inspiration sooner. It's so hard to think of snow and icicles when Edinburgh's having an Indian summer!

Ended up having quite a random night last night that involved driving around Edinburgh for various reasons for about 3 hours. Managed to fit in a trip to Starbucks and then Lucas for some Nutella ice cream afterwards though so it wasn't all bad! Think tonight I'll be staying in for a change and spend some time looking for part-time jobs to go alongside my freelancing. I'm totally craving a job thats more social like bar work as design on its own is slowly destroying my soul! If you know anyone thats hiring, let a brother know!

Looking a bit more like my teenage self today when it comes to the clothes! I was a definite 'emo kid' and I think it shows. The teeshirt was given to me by a guy friend but I had to do a bit of DIY to make things work. Love it now! Plus, boys clothes are always better anyway?
The scarf was one which almost didn't make it home with me... In June I was down in London exhibiting at D&AD New Blood and on a trip to Camden I saw and fell in love it. However, the lady who owned the stall was trying to make me pay a ridiculous £18. Not happening. Ended up haggling for an age and eventually gave up only to wonder past again a few hours later where a new person was in charge and I think I payed about half. Winning!

Sunday, November 6, 2011


Blazer - Bershka.   Top - H&M.   Skirt - Pull and Bear
Strand Bracelet - Links of London.   Chain Bracelet - Tiffany and Co.   Ring - Etsy.    Nails - Leighton Denny "Hanky Panky"

Had a bit of a loud weekend so keeping it chilled this afternoon. Currently sitting with a cup of tea and watching Shipwrecked while I download some new music, ideal! Totally mad into my housey/club/cheese stuff at the moment so my house basically sounds like a Friday night aaalllll the time.

So onto the clothes... this is what I have on today. Definitely looking a lot better than I feel! How sweet is this skirt though? I love Pull and Bear, their stuff is so quirky so it was one of those MUST BUY NOW things. Got it in a lovely blue colour as well and for £18 I don't think you can really go wrong! The rest of things are pretttyyy standard... Black top and grey blazer from Bershka which I lloovveeee. So addicted to blazers.

Anyway, today I was chatting to a friend about How I Met Your Mother... I've never really watched it before but she made me check out the pencil miracle video. Completely made my day!

Friday, November 4, 2011


Top - Pull and Bear.   Leggings - Stradivarius.   Shoes - Iron Fist.
Strand Bracelet - Links of London.   Chain Bracelet - Tiffany and Co.   Ring - Etsy.    Nails - Leighton Denny "Hanky Panky"

Starting on a slightly unrelated note, I'd never actually seen the video for "Glad You Came" before writing this post and now I am ultimately depressed as I look out onto rainy greenery that I'm not chilling on a yacht in Ibiza by day and hitting pool parties and clubs by night.

Anyway, as close as it gets in the UK this is what I wore out the other night for a few drinks. I've liked the look of a pair of leather-effect leggings for a while but don't think I've actually worn anything close to a pair of trousers in about a year so it feels a bit wrong! I do have to admit though that they are quite nice and a lot dressier than a pair of jeans. Have 'girlied' them up a bit with this lovelllyyy lace top from Pull and Bear (can never get enough of neutral laciness) and these boots from Iron Fist which I'm sure were somewhat inspired by the McQueen originals.

I'm attempting to be productive today by doing a couple of posts here and I've also been writing my VERY FIRST CV. Apparently I'm the only person in the world at 22 who hasn't had to make one before and it all feels a bit formal. Also have Frozen Planet on iPlayer in the background for when I need a dose of fluffiness to distract me - how good is it?? I used to be a massive geography geek at school so along with Wonders of the Universe I think it might be my new favourite thing!



A night out in Opium // Maverick and Goose

Monday, October 31, 2011


Just a quick post today with a picture of what I wore out for Halloween accompanied by THE song of the night. Who doesn't love a bit of LMFAO? One of my lovely friends managed to snap this photo before we hit town (Pro photographer much?! I should ask her to do my outfit posts) where we went to Cav for what turned out to be an absolutely amazing night.

I'll hopefully manage to get a few full body shots of us all... the girls went as Sexy Felines with furry manes which you can just see it under my hair and the boys as Abercrombie models - whoever suggested that was a genius - and when I do I'll edit them in!

Saturday, October 29, 2011


Top - Forever 21.   Earrings - New Look.   Beaded Bracelets - H&M
Strand Bracelet - 10m2.   Ring - Topshop.   Nails - Sephora by OPI Metro Chic

Not a massive fan of Afrojack but No Beef is such an addictive track... I'm loving the Hangover / Vegas video and watching them run through the Bellagio makes we wish I was still there. We were only in town for a few days before flying to New York but made sure to get our fill of Sin City. If you haven't been then I TOTALLY recommend it (please take me with you) otherwise you're missing out on a whole lot of drinking, gambling, partying and sights that are on another level. I mean, just look at this! Look at it! Beauuuutiful.

Slightly suffering from lack of sleep today so just tramping around the house and putting off a Tesco trip. Love this casual top from Forever 21 here (I'm wearing taupe) as it goes with pretty much everything. Loving Forever 21 in general right now but I've heard their UK customer service is a bit rubbish which is a shame. I know when I buy stuff I want it at my door about 30 seconds later! Have on the usual jewellery and this seriously cool Bird Skull ring from topshop. 

Friday, October 28, 2011



Bowling with the guys followed by Cav // the Casino